P&P 40 – 2021 Excitement

Well that (2020) was weird. We made it into 2021! Congrats folks. There’s stuff we’re stoked about this year and we’re here to chat about it. Movies, TV video games, and more! We are proud to call the Red 5 Network home! If you enjoy us, you’ll love some of the other amazing podcasts that […]

P&P #39 – Up on Schitt’s Creek

Today we have some fun chatting all things Schitt’s Creek with our good friend Lauren of The GALactic Podcast! This is one of our favorite shows and the three of us had a blast talking about 6 seasons of memorable moments, hysterical quotes, and relatable characters. Join us! Find Lauren here! https://twitter.com/LoRoKnows More from The […]

P&P #38 – Our House MD

In this episode, we dive into one of Dave’s all-time favorite shows: House MD! After Liv’s first viewing of the series, she shares her thoughts on this incredible medical drama. Or is it a detective show? We chat about some of our favorite teams, unpack House’s relationships, and generally what makes this show so special! […]

P&P #37 – Life Updates!

Feels good to be back behind the mic in this episode! Thanks for your patience! We are still here folks and are not going anywhere! Just wanted to get in a quick one and let you know what we’ve been up to recently. Liv talks about the company she just started (Profectus Dance) and Dave […]

P&P #35 – Amok! With Hocus Pocus

In this special Halloween themed episode, we walk through one of our favorites: Max the… wait, that’s not right. Hocus Pocus! There we go. We love this flick and reliving the charming Disney cheese and Sanderson Sister shenanigans was such a blast. Happy Halloween folks! We are proud to call the Red 5 Network home! […]

P&P #34 – Mawage

Dave & Liv are back on a weekly schedule! In this episode, we recap our geeky wedding, touch on our honeymoon, and play a fun newlywed game! We are proud to call the Red 5 Network home! If you enjoy us, you’ll love some of the other amazing podcasts that have made a home in […]

P&P #33 – The Legacy Of The Matrix

In our final episode in our Matrix series, we talk about the Legacy of this incredible trilogy! How does it remain relevant? What can we learn from it? What about it has inspired other films, video games, etc.? We talk about all this and more! This episode features some amazing contributions from our friends at: […]

P&P #32 – Christianity & The Matrix

The P&P Squad is joined by Michelle & Natalie of Force of Light Entertainment to geek out over Christianity in The Matrix Trilogy! Join us as Liv takes us through a great discussion: messianic nature of Neo, layers behind Trinity’s significance, how / if God is represented, where scripture shows up, and so much more! […]

P&P #31 – Enter The Matrix Part 2

Dave & Liv dive even deeper into this rabbit hole in part 2 of our takes on The Matrix Trilogy! We’re chatting the “Desert of the Real”, sights & sounds (ft. an incredible segment about the music from our good friend @camray), philosophical influences, and more! If you liked this discussion, make sure you check […]


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