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P&P #45 – Inside Out

We’re talking all the feels in this discussion of our favorite Pixar flick, Inside Out!! We are proud to call the Red 5 Network home! If you enjoy us, you’ll love some of the other amazing podcasts that have made a home in Red 5! Check ’em out folks! Where else can you find […]

P&P #44 – Zach Snyder’s Justice League Pt. 2

In this episode, we’re unpacking The Snyder Cut! But it’s not just-us in this episode (I’ll see myself out); we’ve got another fire collab! Bruce Wayne himself would be proud of this epic team up. Our besties from The Drift Space were kind enough to boom-tube over here to chat and have lots of laughs. […]

P&P #43 – Mask of the Phantasm

HOLY HUGE COLLAB EPISODE, BATMAN!!! In this episode we are covering arguably one of the greatest Batman films ever made: Mask of the Phantasm! We fully recognize that covering such an iconic film is a huge undertaking and not to be taken lightly. Bottom line, we wanted to make sure we did this one right. […]